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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Campioni, il sogno (Champions, the dream)

I am watching a new reality show about Soccer. Ciccio Graziani (World Cup winner in 1982) is the coach.

It is a great game. I am amazed to notice that many Campioni players have their own fans club.

The most popular players are Giuffrida (92 enrollments, with also a second fans club (31) and a third fans club (5)), Alfieri (159) and Francesco Gullo (110), who pretended to have played with FC Basel in Switzerland and in Champions League in 2002 (a funny website explaining what was going on is Francesco Gullo at Basilea, Basel FC!!!), Apicerni (117 enrollments) and Maradona jr.

Other players are: D'Innocenzo, the goalie (76), Emanuele Morelli (58), Claudio Moschino, the most talented player at Campioni (34), Fabio Borriello (108) who has a brother playing in Serie A, Spagnoli (53), who is credited to be one of the three winners, Christian Arrieta (55), a newcomer who arrived to improve the quality of the defence team and is pretty popular (see also Christian's new website, Fabio Maffini (82), Matteo Domeniconi (21), Ciro Olivieri (80), who is now injuried and not available anymore until the end of the soccer season, Gualtieri, the "Cobra" (29), Zoran Ljubisic (5) and Marco Pepe (10). Two Brasilians are also in the team: Mario Bordignon, (3) who already played in the third division in Portugal and the ever-injured Jefferson (5).

I am just wondering why Matteo Bondi has no fans club. Do you have the answer?
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