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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Toronto, CA

Tomorrow I am going to Toronto (70 miles from here). I will sleep in the Radisson hotel in Toronto, near the Airport.
Not sure I will be able to connect to internet, even thought the hotel is pretty good.

I have spent few hours today at the border between Canada and the USA.
The Falls were awesome, but the weather not really.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Massi!
It seems You really have good time there! I am glad about it!
I have very stressy at moment but I hang on feeling that I will manage it, so..no giving up!! Although, everything should be ready by next Tuesday..and there is still 3 exams, one report and bachelor project!! I am sleeping about 3h/24...:( Cool, hah? But I am surviver, right, as well as You!

Take good care, greetings,

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