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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Maradona jr and Campeoni, Campioni

No surprise: finally Mr. Diego Armando Maradona Jr. has been transferred from Genoa CFC to Cervia. He is going to play for the Reality show Campeoni....

Diego Armando Maradona Jr was born in Naples, September the 20th 1986. He plays as a midfield. Hw used to play for Naples, in different Youth teams. He moves to Genoa in August 2004, where he was with the "Primavera" team.
On Monday 10th, he will be presented at the Italia 1 Show.

Surely he will make the difference in the competition, but the real question is whether Diego is able to survive to the pression....
PS: his fans club is at Diego Maradona jr. fc.

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