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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


I did not have the chance to see all first 8 games at the EURO 2004 Soccer tournament, but from what I have heard and seen, England is offering the best game. I was not impressed by many teams, I am sure games are going to be better in the next weeks. Spain is going to play with Greece tonight: it could be an interesting game because both teams won the first round. Spanish coach Inaki Saez already told the press he plans to replace a large part of those guys who played the first game: sounds promising... I was impressed by Latvian players: they won in Sweden in the qualification games, they beat Turkey, and they played quite well in the first game last night. A large part of them plays for Skonto Riga, but there are many (especially the forwards), playing abroad (Germany, UK, Ukraine, Israel, etc). They unfortunately lose, but they could potentially create nightmares to Holland and Germany.

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